Thursday, December 11, 2008

English Username Password UPDATE UPDATE

So after today's class, I'm not exactly sure what the decision about using new Gmail accounts is. I'm about 80% sure she said it was okay, but that we were irresponsible for not listening to her tell us to create a school-only account (which I still staunchly uphold that she didn't). The other 20% of me thinks she's going to not accept the new one.

If the 80% wins, all is good in the world.

If the 20% does....

The school board should prepare for an interesting night.

She still claims insists that because her son is a computer systems analyst, our information will be safe because if someone were to hack into our accounts and steal/damage personal information, she could track their IP addresses. Well, that's good and all, but being able to catch the criminal after he gets what he's after doesn't stop the crime.

To me, that's like arguing that you have the right to catch someone's house on fire because your son is a fireman.

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